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MaxiPoint Oy is an IT software and service company specializing in maintenance software. We sell and deliver targeted solutions and services for maintenance and maintenance service businesses. We have been operating for more than 30 years in an industry where, due to its stringent requirements, our solutions and services represent the leading products in the field.

The company began operations at the beginning of 1991 under the name J.Plattonen Consulting Oy (business ID 08383827). We were operating at the time as a consultant in maintenance development, maintenance management and maintenance systematics and system deliveries. In addition, our services included direct assignments for general management and management development consulting.

In 1999, we moved into the IT industry and started delivering and maintaining Maximo maintenance systems in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, as well as other countries (including the USA, England, Spain, Germany) on a project-by-project basis. Maximo software was manufactured by PSDI Inc., which was listed on the Nasdaq Technology Exchange at the time.

The number of users of Maximo systems delivered by us and our own Maximo add-ons has already exceeded 10,000.

MaxiPoint Oy is a part of the Telluson Group.

Our next strategy is to expand our export operations with our own Maximo additional products and services and also with Maximo EAM SaaS and SaaS Flex solutions.


IBM Maximo EAM

Sales, deliveries, deployments, modifications, configurations, and support for IBM Maximo, the industry leading maintenance software. In addition, MaxiPoint's own additional and utility software for Maximo, e.g. RapidView Mobile, MaxNav Maximo graphical navigation, map, online data and other Maximo portlets and in addition user-specific interfaces and easy form views for Maximo use, eg for subcontractors or other external user groups.

Maximo is a flexibly customizable system from small to large maintenance sites. Implementation models include e.g. obtaining or using your own licenses with SaaS models, eg Maximo SaaS or Maximo SaaS Flex. Maximo Analytics updates the analysis of events and supply chains imto a new era.



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Our office is located on Yliopistonkatu, opposite to the Tampere Talo. Entrance from the B-staircase, 6th floor. The train station is a short walk away, and The nearest car parks are located in the Tulli car park. A few paid places can also be found in the courtyard.

Yliopistonkatu 58 B 33100 Tampere, Finland

+358 400 603827