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About us

The company was founded at the beginning of 1991 under the name J.Plattonen Consulting Oy (business ID 08383827). At that time, we focused on consulting on leadership, maintenance development and system deliveries. Our services also included executive search in the maintenance field.

In the year 1999 we shifted to IT-business, and started to deliver and provide support for Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software in Finland, the Baltics and Russia, and occasionally other countries (incl. USA, UK, Spain and Germany). During that time Maximo was manufactured by PSDI Inc., listed in Nasdaq stock market.

Over 10 000 people have used Maximo or other products delivered or produced by our company.

Our strategy is to expand our business with our own Maximo add-ons and services, but also with Maximo EAM SaaS and SaaS Flex-solutions.

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Services and products

IBM Maximo EAM flexible and holistic solution for maintenance.

Sales, deliveries, configurations, customizations, integrations and support for market leading EAM-software, IBM Maximo. MaxiPoint also offers our own addons so you can get everything out of your Maximo. RapidView mobile application for when maintenance operations must fit in your pocket, and MaxNav graphical asset navigator and real time data/map start center portlets or custom user interfaces for more intuitive operation of the software.

Maximo is extremely flexible and customizable system for every maintenance target, big or small. You can either purchase your own licenses or use the software as a service (Maximo SaaS, SaaS Flex).

Maximo Analytics takes event and supply chain analysis to a new era.

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Maximo Analytics

Maximo Analytics helps the customer understand his data better than traditional BI-analysis by discovering repeating patterns and causes for events.

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RapidView Maximo in your pocket

Maximo or other EAM/ERP-systems often have UIs designed for desktop-use, and adapt poorly for devices with smaller displays and touch input methods. MaxiPoint now offers a solution for this: RapidView. RapidView is our mobile app that connects to Maximo through standard integration interfaces and lets you perform maintenance tasks with your mobile device, sometimes even off-line.

If the internet connection is not available the whole time, changes can be saved locally to devices' memory, from where they are sent to Maximo when network becomes available again. Supported platforms are Android and iOS. Separate server is not necessary - RapidView can use resources already available to Maximo.

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MaxNav is a solution for easier navigation within IBM-Maximo system. Time and money is saved when there is no need to input or remember device ID's and target for maintenance operation can just be clicked from factory floor plan or other image.

Comes with easy-to-use editor for creating and editing views. Integrates seamlessly to Maximo system, adding to its value through increased usability.

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IoT and Masterdata

Distributed data model is almost a norm nowadays, and IoT systems collect more data from different sources than ever before. It is critical to succesfully leverage this data by analysing and storing it efficiently, and identify how it can be used in different systems.

We are happy to discuss how we could help you to gather, store, and take advantage of the data, and how can it be distributed between various systems, work groups and stages of processes.

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Other IT-solutions to customer's needs

Do you have other IT issues or ideas? Contact us about them, and we are happy to help you!

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Contact Us

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Our office is located on Yliopistonkatu, across the street from Tampere-talo. Entrance through staircase-B, 6th floor. Railway station is a short walk away, and closest parking spots are located in Tulli parking garage. Few public parking spots can also be found in courtyard.

Yliopistonkatu 58 B 33100 Tampere, Finland       Telephone: +358 400 603827       E-Mail: